Gothy party top, 2008

It's the same thing every year: You firmly decide not to buy anything new for this season, but when you begin to try on old stuff from the closet they are all too boring or too fancy, or you are convinced that you look fat in them.

This time I thought that although I really should not buy new clothes, or new costly materials either, surely there's no harm in it if I dig deep into my closets and the boxes of fabrics and trimmings that I already have, and whip up something fast. Okay, in the end I did spend 3€ on the lace on the shoulders (I didn't have any wider lace at home) and the elastic band for the shoulder straps.
The top turned out a bit more cute and lacy than I had planned at first, but somehow that always happens with my clothes... But my old skirt was perfect with it, as were boots I had, so at least this time I didn't fall into the trap of getting something new "to fit all my old stuff" and suddenly getting new things to go with it too, ending up with a whole new outfit. I can be economical sometimes... with some luck. And I can wear this at summer season too!

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