My two favorite coats,
2004 & 2005

A red woollen coat is for the winter and a black coat of thick cotton fabric for the rest of the year.

The inspiration for the red coat comes from the Nigthwish music video for the song Nemo, Tarja Turunen wears a pretty similar one on it and several promo pictures of the time. I changed the wide sleeves into more practical 18th century inspired cuffs instead.  Between the top fabric and the sateen lining the coat has an extra thinsulate-type-of layer for warmth and another layer of very tightly woven cotton for wind protection. As a result it's very warm, almost too warm for the winters nowadays.

The fancy ready-made clasps are mainly for decoration (apart from the top one), underneath them is a hidden buttoning.

red coat

The winter coat turned out so lovely that I  wanted another new coat with the same pattern too. I also found the perfect fabric: A slightly shiny, heavy cotton fabric so thick that a slight rain won't matter at all. The coat is similar to the winter coat, without the interlinings of course, the winter coat is just a little shorter. I really like the combination of clean cut with the pocket flaps, cuffs and the pattern bringing the slight historical feeling in it.

In the picture the colour looks like grey, but it's really black. The pattern happened to be of just right size to fit the cut of the back seams, creating a pretty mirror effect.

I have worn this coat so much that though luckily the top fabric is still pretty neat, the lining is worn through at places.

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black coat