Underbust corset and blouse, 2003

Once upon a time I found or bought an old fake leather (or what ever the polyurethane imitating leather is called) jacket, and turned it into a under-bust corset, equally fake since it has only two bones at the center back. The material is stiff enough, though, to look somewhat corset-like. There is a back lacing of thin elastic ribbon, and to get it easily on and off I put a zipper on the side seam. It's not even lined, the upper- and lower edge are just turned with a facing of the same material. A bit hastily finished but comfortable and has served well for some fancy dress occasions.

The shirt is of thin muslin. The bodice has two layers in order to not to be too transparent. The neckline and the sleeves are finished with over-lock stitch on blue thread. I totally loved this shirt, but unfortunately it's one of the many garments which share the sad fate of suddenly becoming just a tad too small. Sigh.
The funny picture above is taken for a "post your picture with the Black Halo cd"-thread on Kamelot.com forums.

Below is another picture of the same "corset", the blouse and the skirt are Kaisa's. Going out on Halloween, obviously.

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