18th century fashion display at the window of Kekäle, Tampere
24.9 - 6.10.2012

In association with the event Kuninkaan Päivä in Tampere we were lucky to get one of the windows of the department store Kekäle for our use for two weeks. The window display situated on one side of the central square was a great way to advertise the fashion show which would take place on the event day.

The riding habit on the left and the quilted petticoat and jacket in the middle are mine, the lady in the right with fabulous embroidery wears the creations of my friend and guru Riikka Santonen. The muff and mitts are also by her, while the mules are mine.

The window display was created by Riikka Santonen, Ida Perälä and me using the store's mannequins. Many thanks to Kekäle!

The picture at the bottom by Ida Perälä, the rest by Jarno Manninen