A few years ago jackets with military-inspired details were trendy. I fancied one, but couldn't find one in any cute colour, there was just mud and grey and olive, but luckily I came across some pretty pink cotton corduroy.

Working on the pattern was by far the most enjoyable part in this project, because the stretchy fabric was simply evil to work with, which also shows on the finished jacket. I made parts of the pattern with the help of a dressmaker's dummy to get the place and shape of the seams exactly to my liking.
The jacket is lined with satin except the sleeves, because it's quite tight and I wanted it to fit smoothly over tops and shirts and not get caught on them as cotton tends to. The lining is quite a mess, though, it's left open at the hem because of the pleats at the back, and it's a few centimeters shorter so that it won't show. The armholes of the sleeveless lining, with the shoulders pads and all, also have a somewhat unfinished look, and the sleeves are set a bit too far in, I just couldn't make them fit well... actually, I think I remember being rather fed up with this project at some point, but I'm glad I finished it none the less, because even though it has some faults I rather like it in the end. pink2
The jacket is closed at the front with large hooks and eyes, and I have to report that it stays closed better than I expected. The jacket has 23 metal buttons, which cost more than the fabric - usually it's the other way around. Of course, once again, I was originally calculating to get a cheap new jacket fast...

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