Rammstein fan art, 2004-2010
I seldom purchase band merchandise t-shirts, I rather make my own pirate versions to wear on band-related occasions.

This top was made for Rammstein show at Hartwall Arena, Helsinki in November 2004, and I also wore it at the next summer's Ruisrock and on the Liebe ist für alle da -tour in 2010.

The material is cotton satin with a bit of lycra, a nice material which fits well and usually looks good. The R-logo and the piping are in vinyl.

The pattern is a combination of my wedding dress bodice and my blouse pattern - first I wanted a top with shoulder straps, then when I had already cut it I changed my mind and wanted this, and so I cut off the straps and added the blouse part on the top.
The top had stretched a bit and I had lost some weight by the Liebe-tour, so I had to take in a bit at the back, which caused the vinyl piping crumble, sadly, because it used to fit much better.

This is the practical summer festival-version of the outfit, in arena concerts I have worn a pencil skirt with which the top was originally designed to be worn with. As most pants have lower waist than the skirt I had to add pieces of fabric on the sides of the top hem later, but they fit in pretty well.

My ex-workmates gave me these fluffy handcuffs as a birthday present, and hinted that they would look nice with this top. My birthday was a bit after the Rammstein concert in Reise tour so they had had to listen to me talking about Rammstein non stop lately - actually I wonder why they didn't buy me a ball-gag instead.

Anyway, they do go with the top, just like a sword with the Kamelot corset...

For Ruisrock festival I also made a printed / painted flag - I swear I'm not an obsessive fan, I just love crafts and any good excuse for wasting my time with them is good enough! rammflag1
In the picture the flag is drying after printing with a sablon. As the result was not too neat, I covered some of the escaped paint and neatened the edges of the letters with red fabric marker. At first I regretted that it was not exactly the shade of the fabric, but then I realized that it created a nice halo-like effect.
The logo side of the flag has printed outlines and the inside painted freehand with black and orange paint. The printing was so messy, indeed, that with my Kamelot flag later I used only brush.

Oliver Riedel, sailing on the crowd, was soooo kind as to take my flag and hold it up for a moment, and then throw it back to me. It was so nice of him, and made me suddenly feel ten years younger and all smiley. Hey, you never need to grow old enough to stop adoring people making good music!

The picture at the top of the page from Hartwall Arena and the pictures from Ruisrock are found from the internet, and unfortunately I have no idea who has taken them, and thus have no permission to have them on the site. I have them none the less, as I hope it doesn't mind so very much.
The long awaited new album in 2009 was called Liebe ist für alle da. On the cover of the special edition case is the album logo which instantly reminded me of a cross stitch pattern. So, as the tour dates in Stockholm and Helsinki were approaching, I just had to try it out.

The colour theme naturally follows that in my top, and a funny coincidence is that for this tour Rammstein's stage outfits also have red and black. I happened to have some read floss already, and the linen is leftover from Jarno's 18th century coat.

So, I decorated my favorite party shoes for the occasion with tiny little logo-patches. No one will of course notice a thing like shoes, but I had such fun making these, I felt so wonderfully silly and crazy. Due to the linen being uneven the proportions of the design are a bit off (which I noticed too late and didn't want to begin anew), but since the heart shape actually looks nice elongated let's just call it artistic licence.

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