I Want Candy, 2008

Club Schatten has an annual "Sammhein"-party at November, pretty much equivalent to Halloween - a happy occasion for a masquerade freak like myself.

The "I want candy"-theme comes from Sofia Coppola's movie Marie Antoinette. One reason for choosing it was that I had recently finished my 18th century stays and chemise, but my dress was still very much unfinished. Also the 18th century suit I had been planning to make for Jarno was still on the planning stage, but I thought I'd have enough time to make him a linen shirt with lacy cuffs and all. Thus we ended arriving at the party in our underclothing - oh, how shocking! But it was nice to have a chance to show the undies too for once.

I also got the chance to wear the fancy earrings Jarno gave me for Christmas and the silly pink feather fan I had once bought on impulse. I also decorated my shoes with pink bows. The white skirt is not made by me, but I added it to the costume because my chemise might have been a bit too see-through, and for the fluffy effect of course.
I found a silly towering wig from  a carnival store. It has a bit too much curls around the face, and it was too brightly white, but after I put some grey spray paint on it it began to look much better. I tried in vain to find tall ostrich feathers for the decoration, but had to be content with smaller ones - which may be more practical, anyway, since even now I could not travel in a car because of the height of the wig, luckily the buses have more room...

Other decorations I found at home: hairpins with butterflies, artificial flowers and Christmas tree decoration birds.
Jarno's shirt was finished just in time. It's mostly hand-sewn and actually much more period than my intentionally cheesy costume, but then again he wore black jeans with it since he didn't have correct breeches yet... He has some flour-powder in his hair, but you can't really see it on the photograph.  sammheinjarno
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