Corset, 2005

A pretty little under-bust corset of a sort of striped denim, decorated with cotton lace, with metal spiral boning. The pattern is made entirely using a dressmaker's dummy, originally for this corset-type of garment. The corset turned out really lovely, but unfortunately not quite tight enough - obviously a common beginner's problem with corsets, they often stretch a bit when you wear them for the first time, even though I put supporting ribbons inside at the waist. Well, at least it's very comfortable now...

I made a basic strap top to go with the corset from the same cotton muslin I had used for the lining. I dyed the muslin, the lace and a skirt (bought at H&M) to match the top fabric of the corset.

The corset has since been a part of this masquerade costume.

sinkorsetti 2

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